At KW Auto Wreckers, we provide an extensive range of auto body parts, including premium used transmission parts in Kitchener. When you require used transmission parts, you can rely on us to find just what you need. We regularly update our inventory with components in the best condition to enable you to get your repair done and get price savings. All of our transmission parts for sale in Kitchener are carefully examined for operability. 

Transmission plays an essential role in your vehicle. Buying a new transmission can be expensive, and the transmission work is labor-intensive. If you are planning to replace your vehicle’s transmission, look no further than KW Auto Wreckers. We sell used transmissions for customers in Kitchener and surrounding areas. We have a vast selection of auto transmissions in stock. Our well-equipped facility is ready to serve all your used transmission needs. KW Auto Wreckers is known for providing quality used auto parts in Kitchener and surrounding areas.


We sell quality used auto transmission in Kitchener and surrounding areas.

Benefits of Buying Used Transmission

  • Cost-Effective: Used transmission costs much lower than a brand new transmission
  • Eco-Friendly: When you purchase used transmissions, you can reduce the energy required to produce a new one
  • Availability: You can get the required component when you walk-in

Used Transmission Sales in Kitchener

If you’re having a hard time finding a used transmission for your vehicle, rely on us to meet all your needs. Our technicians inspect all our auto parts entirely before the sale. Our technicians are trained and skilled to carry out thorough inspections to meet our quality standards. Your car is always ready for the road with help from us. We make sure that you find what you are looking for in our inventory.

With a used transmission from KW Auto Wreckers, you can increase the lifespan of your car. You can also save money by installing a used transmission rather than buying a new one. We take pride in serving you better for all your transmission needs. At KW Auto Wreckers, we gained the experience and knowledge of being able to offer near any type of used transmission that you require. We strive to make your buying experience convenient and efficient.

When your car’s transmission fails and you still want the best for your vehicle, KW Auto Wreckers is the right choice for you. We sell all kinds of used transmission to customers in Kitchener and surrounding areas. Our aim at KW Auto Wreckers is to track down the right transmission for your vehicle. You can find quality used transmission from our huge inventory. We also sell used batteries, used tires, used engines, and more. We use the latest environmentally-friendly methods to recycle vehicles.

Used Transmission Sales in Kitchener

When buying auto parts, you should only turn to someone you can rely on. At KW Auto Wreckers, we have years of experience in selling salvaged auto body components, including used transmission parts in Kitchener. There are countless reasons to choose us, including:

  • Large inventory of products

  • Components thoroughly tested for quality

  • Hands-on assistance

  • Quick and efficient services

  • 100% customer satisfaction

Let us be your one-stop shop for your auto transmission needs in Kitchener and the surrounding area. Get in touch with our experienced team if you have any questions related to buying used transmissions for your vehicle. All our used transmissions can be accessed and viewed through our online parts inventory.